How to save money and not live like a pauper?

Money jarIt is a bitter truth that our lives revolve around earning money. We cannot discriminate between needs and wants.

Luxuries have now become a necessity because we want to compete in the race of attaining a high social status. I am a keen believer of the fact that there is always a way to materialize your dreams provided you act a bit smart.

Well the simplest way out is by saving money. When you would spend smartly you would always be able to fulfill your dreams.

Now most of us want to go out of the country for our holidays. Well that is an expensive deal so I am just going to suggest some smart ways through which you can save up money.

  1. The most important tip is to keep track of your expenses. When you will track your expenses you would never run out of money. Maintain a checklist. See how much money you spend throughout the month and how much money you are left with. Try spending on your essentials only. It may seem difficult, but you have to cut down on your expenses if you want to go out of the country for your holidays.
  2. Identify your needs. For example, do you really a forty-two inch flat screen TV? Now this does not fall in the category of a need so you can delay it.
  3. Paying with cashTry to pay your bills through cash. Most of you make a common mistake and that is you try to settle your bills through a credit card. This means a lot of payments in the future so you have to take care of this aspect.
  4. You should make it a point to have a separate saving account. You can directly deposit amount into your saving account. You can even opt for automatic transfer system for transferring amount into your saving account.
  5. Try figuring out best insurance policies at the best prices.
  6. Buy gifts smartly. You may be enticed to opt for the most expensive gift items, but you might regret it later when you run out of money.
  7. Online bill payments are the most effective way to save money on stamps and secondly you would be making your payments on time.
  8. You can conserve energy and cut down on your energy bills. Turn off lights and appliances when they are not needed. You would recognize this later that this would have a considerable impact on your expenses.
  9. Eating out and home delivery food does sound fun. However, this can disturb your budget. You can save this money and utilize it later when you go on a trip to another country.
  10. Last, but not the least you do not have to go in for designer labels. Most of the time reasonably priced items are quite good. You need to get all these thought out of your mind. When you have a contended and satisfied life even the simplest of wardrobe looks good. The real happiness lies inside you and not in your clothes.

I am preaching these tips after practicing them. This is the reason that my sons have understood the value of money.

Our family has been able to go on international holidays because we have stuck to these tips and we do not have regrets. I have spent quality time with my family and that matters to me the most in this world.

I strongly believe that money should not be ruling the life of any individual and I have benefited through this school of thought.

O’ Canada! Brrrrrr

Help me - I am boredIt is incredibly cold in winter in Canada. At times this weather becomes dull and boring. I love going out with my three sons, but winter restricts our outdoor activities. Personally I do not like the cold weather because of restrictions that it imposes on me.

Finally I figured out a way to generate some winter activities for me and this is how I stepped into woodwork. Now I feel that when you are sitting back home doing nothing then negative thoughts come across your mind.

These negative thoughts rip off the positivity from you so woodwork was the way out for me. Secondly, I am a workaholic.

I want to keep myself busy and I also want to teach a very important lesson to my sons and that is to value time. Every moment can take us to new heights of success.

I wanted to become an example for my children how to utilize their free time and explore their hidden talent.  When I started woodwork I never knew that it would become addictive for me, but now it is.

Father and son - happy at the workshopThe interesting part is that this work is so different from being an accountant. Well once I started woodwork winters never sounded that boring because my woodwork kept me busy for hours and hours. Being busy is bliss because you are utilizing every moment of your life in doing something worthwhile.

My sons love to go out and winters used to be a boring time for them as well, but not anymore. They also enjoy watching me at work and they feel proud that I make good use of my time.

I believe that a person who is multi-talented would never run out of work because he would have so many options coming his way.

Now every winter morning is exciting for me because I have interesting work to do. Creating great wood craft is a source of joy for me and gives me a sense of accomplishment that is hard to put in words.

You need to derive your source of joy from your work and every day would be a happy moment for you.

My life is an example that you just do not have struggle to survive in just one profession. There are so many things that you can do.

I learnt to beat the boring cold weather through my creative woodwork and you can do the same. Do not let weather or circumstances become a hurdle.

Your spirit should be alive and life would become worth living. Every night I have a sound sleep because I feel that I am a productive member of the family and I am teaching the right lesson to my sons as well.

Now even they are interested in my work. Now winter season is the harbinger of joy and happiness for me because I know that I can remain occupied with my woodwork all day. Life cannot get better than this.

Try figuring out your winter favorite activities and bring back the joy in your life.

A man and his workshop

I have always loved my profession because I know that I would not be able to excel in my profession if I do not have the liking for the job.

I know one thing for sure that being organized is the secret to success. My workshop is equipped with all the necessary tools.

This way I can work without any trouble. Wood work is a critical job and there is no room for mistakes. Over the year I have mastered the art. I would just give you a small list of tools that should be there in your workshop for sure.

  • Claw hammerThe most important tool is the claw hammer. Your claw hammer needs to be properly balanced because a poorly balanced claw hammer would twist in your hands. You need to take care of your wrist and hands as well so if you need to hammer in a lot of nails then go for a wooden handle claw hammer.
  • Your workshop should have a tape measure as well. You should try opting for a retractable tape measure and it should be about twenty-five feet long. If you get a longer tape measure it might be troublesome to roll it back.
  • You should also get hold of a utility knife that has disposable blades. This knife is ideal for scribing wood
  • Pinless wood moisture meterYou need a wood moisture meter in your workshop as well. This tool will ensure the long-term success of a woodworking project. Do not go for moisture meters having pins because they penetrate into the surface of the wood. This leaves holes in the wood. Go for pinless moisture meters that are unaffected by surface moisture on wood.
  • You should be having chisels in your shop as well. They have a lot of utility. They help clean out joints. The best chisels are the carbon-steel ones. Choose hardwood grips having metal caps because they would prevent the chisel handle from malformation so they are the ideal selection for sure.

Once you will be having these basic tools in your workshop working would become a lot more fun and you would enjoy the activity.

My work gives me a sense of satisfaction and I am happy that I earn my bread through hard work. My workshop is one place where I explore my skill and creativity and my tools are my assets. I could not have chosen a better profession for sure.